Welcome to the World of FEMAIL

Camilla Carper and Janelle Abbott met at Parsons School of Design in 2008. Their first encounter was in a dorm elevator. Camilla was far too nice and outgoing. Janelle was skeptical. Later, the two formed a friendship over their shared love of adventure, childhood, and unbridled creative action. After college, both girls returned to their respective homelands on the West Coast: San Francisco and Seattle. Their need to maintain a friendship from afar was resolved with FEMAIL: an art and fashion collaboration conducted remotely by sending work back and forth through the USPS. Each time the pair passes work from one to the next, new scraps and remnants are added, sometimes, things are taken away. They work reactively, intuitively, and with commas, always. In this way, what is created by FEMAIL is a documentation of  duo's conversations and ultimately, their friendship.